Oliver Whyte is a multidisciplinary design studio that creates spaces and objects. The task was to design a brand identity for the Oliver Whyte studio. We started with the concept/ brand line, "The Space Between". The concept fits neatly into the narrative of how the studio works: the spaces between art and architecture, between function and form. It also works with design principles. As you create spaces in which your furniture will inhabit the relationship between where objects are placed within the physical world involve the space between. The proximity of a table to a wall for instance is considered as to the relationship between the two objects. The brand story “The Space Between” also translates itself into Oliver Whyte’s brand identity, allowing for a flexible system that can move the logo mark and transform as required.
I conceptualised and designed the brand identity for Oliver Whyte's brand during my employment at North VCA. I was involved in the conceptualisation of the brand story, and I was in charge of the design of the brand identity and all related deliverables. 
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