Master Thesis in Urban Design and City Planning from The Bartlett, UCL. 

Urban water sensitivity is the result of various anthropogenic activities; the agglomeration of these phenomena have a negative effect on our water resources. Cape Town is a Water Sensitive City, and was threatened by severe drought in 2018, which was partly self-inflicted; Cape Town does not plan, design or manage its water resources sustainably. The concept of retrofitting Sustainable Drainage Systems has been tested through rewilding strategies. Although greening strategies in a state of water restriction appears antithitecal, retrofitting and rewilding are approached as complementary to achieve the objective of enhanced porosity. Creating a porous city through retrofitting and rewilding aims to achieve more sustainable infrastructure for the conveyance of water, to increase biodiversity and ecology as well as improve social amenity by repurposing disused and unkempt pockets of land in the city. This proposal puts forward multiple benefits for the City of Cape Town and its people. In addition, this research can also inform other cities, in terms of using water for best practice solutions and a sustainable output.
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